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 Here is an actual report generated by the Post-Mission Software License included with the Base Uploader Unit:

This is part of the 3rdEye Post-Mission Full Page Trace Report for the trip of vehicle GWX-878 on February 21, 2007. The vehicle is reported as being a certain distance (in meters) away (N/S, W/E) from a known intersection (Street 1, Street 2) within a known area (City, Province).

Under the STATUS column, if the Engine is off, the report will say "Eng Off" and the number of minutes the engine was off. If the engine is running but the vehicle is not moving, dots "……" are displayed. If the engine is running while the vehicle is in motion, the cells in this column are blank and the speed shows up on the SPEED column.

This report also shows Violations. A YELLOW highlight signifies an IDLING violation. Under the User Preset Limits, the driver should shut off the engine if the vehicle will not move for more than 10 minutes. Violations of this limit are highlighted in YELLOW. A RED highlight signifies a SPEEDING violation. Under the User Preset Limits, the driver should keep the vehicle's speed below 80 kilometers per hour. Violations of this limit are highlighted in RED. This report makes violations obvious and makes it quick and easy to discipline the driver, save fuel, extend the life of the vehicle, and enforce safe driving habits.

The Post-Mission Software can plot the vehicle’s trip on Google Maps, giving you a “snail trail” or “playback.”

GPS Tracker - 3rdEye Post-Mission Google Map Playback Back

The 3rdEye GPS Tracker and Vehicle Monitoring System Post-Mission Sample Report

To run the Post-Mission Software, please use a computer running at least Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (or Vista or Windows 7 SP1) with at least 1GB of memory, a free 9-pin RS-232 Serial Port or a free USB port, at least 10GB of free hard disk space and a CD-ROM drive. You must have an "administrator" account to install the Software. Please provide a high-speed Internet connection to view the vehicle’s trip on Google® Maps.