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The products of Star Communications are all made in the Philippines

The 3rdEye GPS Tracker and Vehicle Monitoring System

The 3rdEye GPS Tracker has TWO VERSIONS:

VERSION 1: 3rdEye Post-Mission

VERSION 2: 3rdEye Real-Time

Post-Mission works like a "Black-Box" trip data recorder.

When your vehicles return you will have access to complete reports on where they went as well as how fast and how far they traveled. You will know when and where the vehicle stopped. You will know when and where the rear cargo door was opened and closed. This allows you to conduct TIME and MOTION STUDIES (analyze loading time, unloading time, travel time, stop time) to optimize fleet operations. POST-MISSION HAS ABSOLUTELY NO MONTHLY FEES.

Real-Time shows you where you vehicles are RIGHT NOW on the StarComm GPS Website.

See them on Google® Maps. Know where they are going. Know if the rear cargo door is opened or closed. Our Geofence feature lets you define areas your vehicles must not exit and our Hotspots feature lets you define areas your vehicles must not enter. Save your frequently-visited locations as Waypoints. Get Executive Summaries for you to best manage your drivers and vehicles.

The 3rdEye GPS Tracker / Vehicle Monitoring System