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This report gives the BUSY BOSS an easy-to-understand SUMMARY.

With this report, the boss has can easily see the HEALTH of his fleet. For example:

With our Executive Summary, the BUSY BOSS instantly knows which driver to discipline, which vehicle traveled the farthest and which vehicle wasted the most fuel. This report quickly and easily gives you Fleet-wide Statistics and Driver Performance (the "best" and the "worst" of your drivers) so that you can make decisions to increase productivity, lower your costs and improve your bottom line.

Save money and do more with less with the 3rdEye Post-Mission GPS System!

GPS Tracker - 3rdEye Post-Mission Executive Summary Report

With the 3rdEye Post-Mission GPS Tracker, you will know:

Effectively, you can:


The 3rdEye GPS Tracker and Vehicle Monitoring System Post-Mission Sample Report Exec. Summary

 Here is a sample Executive Summary especially designed to help the BUSY BOSS optimize his fleet operations.