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We at StarComm are committed to improving our products as well as developing new and exciting products for the benefit and profit of our customers.

are manufactured
right here in the Philippines.

The products of Star Communications are all made in the Philippines Star Communications AdExhibit Plaque

We are the most recognized GPS company in the Philippines

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We showcase our products in various Exhibits and Trade Shows

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GSM Cellular Modem

The FIRST Filipino company to work with GSM Cellular Modems

At the heart of today’s mobile phones is a GSM Cellular Modem. As far back as 1998, we were already using them to design and build the 3rdEye Real-Time GPS System, which helps businesses keep track of their vehicles for improved efficiency and profitability.

3rdEye GPS Real-Time Tracker

Star Communications' old office in Virra Mall, circa 1980

Our humble beginnings

Since the 1980’s, our core competence has always been our know-how. From our office in the old Virra Mall in Greenhills, San Juan, we developed and sold our own time and attendance and payroll software to the top corporations in the Philippines. We were also the first to re-ink and sell re-inked ribbon cartridges for dot-matrix printers.

An MS-DOS Program, written by StarComm


The FIRST Filipino company to program microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are the small computer chips that power all our products. We are one of a handful of Filipino companies with the know-how and expertise to program these extremely complex microchips with our own source code, and make them work perfectly.


Microcontroller Code

GPS Constellation

The FIRST Filipino company to work with embedded GPS modules

While GPS was virtually unheard of in 1997, we were already hard at work using embedded GPS modules to develop our pilot product, the 3rdEye GPS Post-Mission System. Today, the 3rdEye is the leading and longest-running GPS tracking system in the Philippines.

3rdEye GPS Tracker Mobile Unit

SyncRight Philippine Standard Time Clock

The FIRST Filipino company to develop a digital clock that always shows the CORRECT time and will never need to be manually set.

In 2003, StarComm developed SyncRight, the Philippines’ first clock that always displays the correct time. When Republic Act No. 10535 was signed into law in 2013, SyncRight was the first to be certified by PAGASA as complying with their specifications for Philippine Standard Time Clocks. Today, many businesses and government agencies benefit from SyncRight.

We design and manufacture our own products right here in the Philippines.

At StarComm, our goal is to design and build beneficial, money-saving and time-saving products while offering courteous, fast and professional service of the highest caliber.

Our two main products are the 3rdEye GPS Tracker and the SyncRight Philippine Standard Time Clock.

Please browse our website to know more about our company and our products. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a sales representative, please contact us at +63 (2) 731 9303 and 731 9335 or send us an e-mail at sales@starcomm.com.ph.

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We are the first and oldest GPS manufacturer in the Philippines

We are the manufacturer - our products are 100% Filipino

We offer the best GPS products in the Philippines

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